Simple Ways to Save Money for Your Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is one of the financial tools that anyone must own not only because it allows them to be prepared for unforeseen events but also because it is the bridge to creating the habit of saving. We quickly agreed that an emergency fund has a short-term time horizon with total liquidity and flexibility […]

Cash reserve – Simulation loan

A cash reserve is a type of loan that you can take out when you fall short of a few euros and where you only pay costs on the amount borrowed. Often these costs are quite high. The available amount can be linked to a credit card or be a single sum. There are numerous […]

Five tips to save money at the end of the month

Planning and willpower, those will be the two main ingredients of your next star dish: watch the amount of money saved grow. You fancy? From the Good Finance Group we insist on providing you with simple and easy to apply advice so that your money saved is every month greater, because even if you think […]

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